Since its establishment, Tumamcare Foundation is running tobacco control program. We are running this program in collaboration with Federal government. Tobacco use is one of the greatest preventable causes of premature death and disease in the world. Therefore, the goals of tobacco control are to reduce tobacco-related morbidity and mortality through sustained reductions in tobacco use initiation and consumption; to reduce the exposure of non-smokers to harmful tobacco smoke; and to promote demoralization of tobacco use. The tobacco industry has tried to prevent the development of a global strategy to combat tobacco consumption. Consequently, the WHO FCTC warns of the threat posed by the tobacco industry to global tobacco control. The Preamble of the Convention recognizes the need to be alert to industry efforts to subvert tobacco control policies. Further, Article 5(3) obligates parties to the WHO FCTC to protect their public health policies regarding tobacco control from manipulation by the tobacco industry. The WHO FCTC is the only international convention to explicitly address the dangers of an industry subverting the object and purpose of a convention.

We are running our anti-tobacco activities in community level, school/college level in collaboration with local and federal government. This program is currently run in Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Tokha Municipality, Tarakeshwar Municipality, Nagaarjun Municipality and Budhanilkantha Municipality. We are planning to run this program in other provinces and municipalities in future.