1. To reduce the incidence, and mortality of cancer and to improve the quality of life of cancer patients in a defined population, through the systematic implementation of evidence-based interventions for prevention, early detection, diagnosrvical cancer screening.
  2. To improve overall coverage of the target population.
  3. To promote more equitable and efficient screening across the target population.
  4. To build a quality assurance mechanism for better quality screening services in smear-taking, cytological examination, referrals and follow-up management of abnormal smears; and
  5. To provide better support to the private sectors and relevant stakeholders
  6. Increasing the knowledge of the public on the benefits of early detection, changing attitudes and behaviors to seek early detection services, and raising awareness around breast cancer and cancer prevention in general
  7. To increase public awareness on the consequences of tobacco use.
  8. To increase anti-tobacco policies and programmes in school.
  9. To reduce access to tobacco products to minors.
  10. To reduce access to tobacco products through illicit trade. e. To increase the price of tobacco products
  11. To reduce the influence of the tobacco industry on young peoples and adults.