Tulasi Maya Memorial Cancer Relief Foundation is a not for profit making and non-governmental organization registered in District Administrative Office, Kathmandu, and affiliated with Social Welfare Council (SWC) and tax-exempted by the Government of  Nepal.

Late Tulasi Maya was a woman from Bagmati Province Nepal who fought against the cancers at her last moment, is of life. She was a woman who encompassed a genuine passion for life. No matter what personal adversity or hardship she may have been experiencing in her own life being a cancer victim, she didn’t share that. Instead shared a warm smile, an inspiration and an offer to help her fellow woman or community in any way she could. Finally she left the world in 2010.

The foundation is named after Tulasi Maya, a rural Nepali mother, who fought against the cancer despite of pain and sufferings. The aim to the foundation is to contribute to help the save the life of millions of people like Tulasi Maya, who live in the remote parts of the Nepal, without any preventative and curative awareness on the cancer, which is taking the life of millions of people annually. We ask for your help and presence to join us in keeping her spirit of giving back to our community alive and as we give back to families affected by cancer.


According to the 2030 strategy, the TUMAMCARE FOUNDATION is a robust and proficient organization whose task is

  • to make cancer prevention and early detection more effective
  • support the development of cancer treatment
  • promote people’s good life despite having cancer
  • bolster cancer research.