Strategic plan


Tulasimaya Memorial Cancer Relief Foundation envisions a society where the people have preventative and curative knowledge on cancer diseases, access to information and facilities for the cure of the diseases and where the cancer patients live a dignified life of their own.


Tulasimaya Memorial Cancer Relief Foundation will continuously be working to educate the public on cancer disease and for the wellbeing of the people living with cancer in coordination with the various stakeholders.


 To help to reduce the incidence of cancer the Himalayas and Nepal while contributing in the well-being of the people living with cancer.


a)     To conduct research on cancer diseases.

b)    Awareness raising and educating general public oncancer diseases.

c)     Relief/ treatment support to cancer patients for treatment

d)    Upgrading the public health facilities for treatment cancer

e)     Organizing workshops, sharing meetings, conferences, trainings related with treatment of cancer

f)     Developing communication tools (radio programs, documentaries, TV programs and talk shows, jingles, posters, pictorials, journals, publications, newsletters ) on cancer diseases.

g)    Organizing mobile treatment camps.

h)     Networking and capacity building of cancer victims through formation of awareness units and self help groups.



i)        Coordination with GOs, INGOs, NGOs and donor agencies.

j)      Networking and alliance building with stakeholders

k)     Awareness raising on cancer diseases

l)      Extending the services and facilities for cancer treatments.

m)   Advocacy and lobbying for policy enforcements on rights to health.


 Activities (2013-2018)

a)     Assessment and development of data base of cancer victims at district, regional and nation a level.

b)    Mobile preventive awareness training   on cancer diseases the schools/ in the rural areas.

c)     Organize public awareness programs against the social stigma against cancer.

d)     Human right awareness to safeguard the rights of the disabilities people.

e)     Establish and operate  care center for people with cancer

f)     Outreach and media campaign against the cancer disease.

g)    Provide treatment support to needy cancer patients.

h)     Workshops/trainings/sharing meetings on cancer treatments.